October 29, 2006 Sunol Regional Wilderness

October 29, 2006 Sunol Regional Wilderness
The announcement
We had a hard hike a couple of hikes ago, and an easy hike up in the City and at the party, so it’s time for an upper end moderate or hard hike again. This Sunday, we’re off to Sunol, now that the heat is moderating again. We leave here at 9 and begin about 9:45. Plan on 2.5 to 3 hours for a moderate hike, or something over 4 if we do a hard hike. We’ll eat a light lunch on the trail, but may go out for a meal afterwards as well. The trail is over half exposed, possibly all exposed, depending on which trails we take.

The hike
Sunol was a great hike, with great people and great weather. We started up Flag Hill, the hard way, the way God intended. Rather than just follow the trail like everyone else, though, we took a side trail to better explore the herds of cows. Ok, so maybe we a teeny bit got lost. But it was more interesting this way. From the squirrel village, we went up the next ridge, and down, and up, and down, and up, and down. Whoa, now I’m sick.

We met a mother with her three children who were about to make a potentially fatal hiking choice, but we managed to convince them that life was worth living, and that Eagle Peak was not worth seeing when you have no water with you.

After the hike, we did our second favorite social thing to do, we went out to eat. It’s great to be able to just pull up the GPS unit and ask for restaurants near us. There’s a whole lot less of the “I don’t know, where do you want to eat”.

 Mg 0735
Crossing the bridge at the start. The water was so low that I just jumped stones to get across.

 Mg 0747
Looking down from the top of yet another peak.

 Mg 0749
And just how many more of the peaks do you think we have to climb before we’re done?

 Mg 0751
Just beyond here, the trail edges along a cliff.

 Mg 0762
At cave rocks.

 Mg 0765
The final climb before we’re on the downhill leg.

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