August 26, 2007 San Francisco stairway hike

The announcement
We didn’t hike last weekend, but Kathy did have a great Kayaking adventure and I took 3rd place in a hotly contested archery tournament.

This Sunday, we’re going to do a stairway walk in the City. We leave here at 9 AM and we’ll drive to Colma and take Bart to to the Powell Street station. We should arrive there around 10:30-ish. From there we use the facilities at Nordstrom and then head out somewhere. We have a usual set of stairways we hike, but you never know. Maybe we’ll head to Mitchell’s ice cream, or over to the Exploratorium, or up to Coit Tower.

Plan on 3 or 4 hours in the City. We’ll stop at some interesting restaurant along the way after the usual game of “where do you want to eat.” If you plan on meeting us at Bart at Powell, make sure you have our cell numbers and we have yours, or make some arrangement to make sure we find you. We have FRS/GMRS radios if needed.

The hike
Last week’s San Francisco hike was a preparation for this week’s hike. We hiked about 8 miles heading mostly in a hither direction, going up to Nob Hill, up the odd staircase or two, and eventually down to Ghiradelli Square and over to Pier 39 before we came back through China Town. Along the way we stopped in at the Segway tour place to see what they cost and what the tour was about. We even made a pilgrimage to the Holy Temple of the Apple to buy an iPhone carrying case and rest in the comfy chairs while someone lectured on the iPhone.

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