December 14, 2008 Grant Ranch

The announcement

This Sunday, we’re off to Grant Ranch for what may be a perfect hike for the season. It should be pretty cold, nearly freezing, and the weather bleak. It’s just what I want at this time of year—a hike in the high, lonely places with my best friends in the face of nature raw. We’ll leave here at 9 and begin the hike around 9:45. This is a moderate hike, at least, on exposed, wide trails. And we’ll be looking for more deercowpigasaurus bones along the way.

We have 2 or 3 hike trail alternatives planned, depending on who shows up and the actual weather. But, plan on 3 to 4 hours of hiking, eating lunch on the trail. At Peggy’s party this Friday, we’ll discuss alternate plans in case it’s raining too hard on Sunday.

And, here’s the special part. Kathy and I plan on stringing popcorn and cranberry ropes. Along the hike, we plan on decorating a Christmas tree. After we sing a few carols, we’ll leave the food for the critters, after removing the string. If you have room in your hiking pack, bring along an ornament or two to hang on the tree while we take group pictures. We’ll take them off, of course, before we come back.

This is your chance to pick up mistletoe, as well. Well, if we get either Laura’s son or Paul (the giant) to come so they can reach the plants.

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