September 10, 2005 Huddart Park

September 10, 2005 Huddart Park


This Saturday we’ll do something we’ve never done before: Huddart Park in Woodside, up Kings Mountain Road. We’ll probably try to park near the Miwok parking lot, hike up Dean Trail to Crystal Spring trail and make a loop of about 5 miles and 800 feet of climb. But, I have almost no information about the park, so plan for an adventure.

The hike

The hike at Huddart was great. We’ll definitely be going back there soon. Well, it was great for everyone but Jamie. Imagine, if you will, the ebbing of summer and you are a bee. Everyone else in the hive is settling down for some well deserved rest but you are still a bit restive. So you get up for a snack. Outside of the hive, the temperature is a bit cool, but not unreasonably so. You head out to the local equivalent of a 7-11 only to find that all the shelves are bare. No problem, just head down the ridge a bit. All flowers are past their blooming, and you’re getting hungry. Down the next valley and still nothing, now you’re getting peeved. Up the next hill, over the ridge and now you’re thoroughly pissed and getting scared. Time for a rest and to rethink your options.

So, you find this nice, squishy soft, sweet smelling resting spot. And no sooner than you settle down for a couple of seconds of rest while you rethink the whole idea of leaving the hive when some big fleshy hand starts pawing at you. Well, that’s just the limit. Time for a little lesson in manners here.

And thus Jamie got stung by what is probably the only bee in the whole damn park.

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