March 22, 2009 Rancho Canada del Oro

The announcement

We’re going to take another chance this weekend, to brave the raw elements, to pit ourselves against fuming flora and fierce fauna (insert other witty alliterative f-words here for extra points). I like to listen to all the comments and suggestions our hikers make each weak, factor in which days they want to hike, guess the future weather, and mix up hard hikes with easy hikes. But even though you now know something of my likes, you’ll not be surprised to know that I’ve totally ignored all this in picking this week’s hike.

Instead, while walking with my sweetie this afternoon, she said, “How about Canada del Oro”? And that’s what we’re doing.

We leave here at 9 for Rancho Canada del Oro. We’ll do a moderate hike starting around 9:45, with lunch at the picnic table in the middle of nowhere. Of course, the last time we did this, the more “adventurous” among us did the hard, cilmb-the-mountain-spine loop. And they’re welcome to do so again. We’ll wave to them from the creek bed as we wend our way to wonderous woliage, er, foliage. Near the end of our little loop is likely a field of some of the most spectacular California Poppies, assuming they’re in bloom right now. So I expect the photographers and photographer wanna-bees to take my more sane route, and Kristen’s Krusaders to pack cotton against nosebleeds.

With luck, at the end, we’ll all get a chance to at least make faces at Teri. With a lot of luck, Teri will hike along with us and point out the badger dens and eagle aeries.

The hike

Woe be to those who won’t listen to me when I tell you about what weather to dress for. Thanks to David, though, the worse injuries we sustained were frost bite from those who suffered through the blizzard on the high trail. We who did the low trail suffered through floods, hurricanes, downpours and hail storms. Man, I love a hike with a bit of texture to the weather.
My pictures are here

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