July 22, 2007 Bear Meadow, Picchetti Winery

The announcement
As promised, we’re doing a much, much easier hike this Sunday. It’s mid to upper-end easy. We’ll leave here at 10 and go to the Bear Meadow trail and mosey up to the Picchetti winery. There will probably be music at the winery; well if we dally along the way so we don’t get there too early. Hence us leaving at 10 instead of the usual 9. We’ll be checking out the progress of the wild pear trees. If we’re really ambitious, we may take the long way back, along the Zinfandel trail.

The hike is about half covered. Poison oak tends to close in along parts of it, so think about whether you really want to go in shorts. Plan on about 2 hours of hiking. We may go to lunch afterwards.

Kathy is in flatter climes this weekend, so think if you want to be up in the cool, dusky woods with lonely Mike.

The hike
We had a fun, easy hike last week. There were quite a few hikers I expected to come along that we haven’t seen in a long time, but only the usual crew showed up. I’ll be trimming the membership list soon as we have a (wait for it) night hike (tada!) coming up soon and we often have to limit how many people can go on the hike, so it’s an opportunity to drop the people from the list who aren’t being social.

Remember, FOMFOK is a social group of hikers. You MUST hike with us now and then to stay on the list. If you’ve signed up and haven’t come on your first hike with us yet, you’ll be dropped after a couple of months. If you have come on a first hike, you need to come again in less than a year to stay on the list. No voyeurs in this group!

We did some pear poaching on the last hike, under Peggy’s watchful eye (our pear plant arborist). Joanne was leaping from branch to branch, and beating the frelling crap out of recalcitrant trees. Lulu and Alice stood guard against other poachers, rangers, wine owners and other would-be snackers (or snatchers) of our treasures. Me, I tried to look like I wasn’t part of the group while I researched bail bondsmen using my cell.

My cell, which I lost when we went out to lunch afterwards. We thought that the maltreatment of a certain hiker (let’s call her Jobob so as to disguise her real name) would have been the low point of the lunch, which was otherwise pretty nice. But I also pulled out my cell to talk with Kathy during her whirlwind Indiana tour, and promptly forgot to take the cell along with me. After two days of calling the restaurant to see if they found my cell, I used it as an excuse to replace it will an iPhone, after also getting thoroughly pissed at Verizon as I tried to see if my phone was being used, and tried to talk to an actual human, which apparently do not exist at Verizon.

After a couple of hours using the iPhone, I joined the religious throngs singing its praises, and decided Kathy needed on also. So now we have matching autos and matching phones. Oh, and matching FOMFOK-logoed T-shirts. We are just so cute.

So expect me to be showing off the iPod music playing capabilities, the movie playing capabilities, the web browsing, the e-mail reading, the calendar functions, the Google maps with satellite and driving directions, the find-a-restaurant, the weather anywhere, the nice camera, the youtube videos, the stock tracking, the world clock, the games, the calculator, the note taking, and drive-you-crazy with more features of the phone.

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