March 15, 2009 Hidden Villa

The announcement

you need to come hike a more modest adventure this Sunday. We leave here at 9 for a frolic at Hidden Villa. Plan on an attempt that starts with an assault up the West Fork as we look to find more bones-o-Bambi—bones from the carcass we discovered those many months ago.

This will be a moderate, 3-hour hike. Plan on taking it a bit slow to start as the stream bed should be swollen and slippery. Bring your camera and your fastest lens and we’ll practice low-light photography. Maybe we’ll pause for a bit of long-duration exposure photography as well. There should be some great wildflowers in spot at the summit.

Afterwards, I’m thinking picnic. If the hidden picnic area at the Villa is available and stocked with picnic tables, we’ll eat there. Otherwise, perhaps we’ll retire back to Casa Wimble where we’ll shoot darts as Coldwell Banker signs and clean out whatever wine and champagne we have left. I hope to make a big bowl of my famous “Smoke-em-and-burn-em Lil’s Potato Salad” to share. Consider bringing food and drink for yourself, and perhaps a special dish of your own to share. We’ll have a cooler or two available to keep things chilled until after the hike.

Who is up for spitting into the wind and mooning the midmorning sun?

The hike

I assume you all read the many comments of last week’s hike, saw the pictures where everyone but me tried to hide the whole truth about the hike. They all like to minimize the dangers we face, either to not frighten others who might want to hike with us, or maybe so they won’t have nightmares about our hikes. Though if they didn’t have nightmares after the Grant Ranch trial, last week’s hike shouldn’t have impinged on their dreams.

My pictures are here

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