September 17, 2005 Montebello Ridge

September 17, 2005 Montebello Ridge

The announcement

Well, this week Kathy is leading a hike without me as I’ll be shooting pointy sticks at styrofoam animals in the morning. The hike
is Montebello Ridge, which is on Page Mill, about a mile or so down from the intersection with Skyline. This is about a 2.5 to 3 hour hike. I suspect Kathy will prefer to hike along the stream and the nature trail rather than the dragon’s backbone, but, as usual, such details will depend on who shows up.

The hike

I didn’t get to go on last week’s hike as I was in a fun archery tournament. But, everyone that went on the hike make it back, no helicopters were involved, and no one showed up on the 11 PM news. So I guess it was a successful hike, albeit perhaps a bit dull.

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