August 12, 2007 Fremont Older Open Space Preserve

The announcement
This Sunday, we’re hiking Fremont Older, starting near the Stevens Canyon reservoir, up to the top of the hill, back down the backside of the hill, and along the fjords of the reservoir. We have a code name for this hike, but it seems that people get scared when I use it. We leave here at 9 and begin the hike at around 9:30. Plan on about 4 hours of upper-end moderate to lower-end hard hiking. More than half of the hike is exposed, and poison oak often encroaches on about a third of the hike, so watch out if you’re going to wear shorts. Plan on a lunch on the trail, probably when we reach the picnic area. Dress for hot and cool, and bring enough water.

We’ll also be passing by the picnic area where the annual FOMFOK party will be held. We’ve confirmed that we’ll have Bean Creek playing bluegrass for us on October 20, so keep that Saturday open for the party. Unfortunately, about 3 people are about to be dropped from the list for non participation, so they won’t know details of the party or the upcoming (wait for it) night hike (yea!) in early September.

The hike
We had a hard hike last week, the infamous “death march”. Not that this is by any means one of the harder hikes we do, but the nickname comes from a long story. If you come on the hike, you usually hear the story.

 Mg 4723

 Mg 4725

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