May 27, Rancho San Antonio

The announcement

This Sunday is one of my two birthday hikes. Since my birthday is on Wednesday, I get to celebrate it for two weekends. For this weekend, we’re doing a relatively easy hike — Rancho San Antonio at 2 pm. Afterwards, it’s off to The Flames for monster cake. So, let me know ASAP if you want to join me so we can make sure the cake is big enough.

The hike

My first birthday hike was interesting. Just an easy jaunt at Rancho San Antonio. Now Kathy is wearing a knee brace, I’m on antibiotics, and I think Alice’s feet were hurting as well. I should have been suspicious that I was coming down with something when I found this easy hike taking the wind out of my sails. Then, on Monday, when my temperature went from about 100 to over 102 in half an hour, we decided we better mosey over to urgent care at the newly opened clinic near our home.

Normally, this place is packed and you have to wait an hour to be seen. I went in there at 7 PM and you could hear the clocks ticking, it was so empty. I asked if people didn’t know about the new location of the urgent care center, or maybe because it was a holiday that there were fewer customers. No, they said that until just a few minutes ago, the place was packed, with a 3 hour wait time.

I got in pretty much right away and it took about a half hour for me to get checked out. When I came back out to wait for test results, Kathy told me that a flurry of people came through while I was inside. Anyway, I’m on antibiotics and am supposed to stay out of the sun. So, naturally I went to the archery tournament last night. That may have been a mistake.

I took the one and a half hour mountain climb slowly, and dashed into the shade after shooting at each target. But when I came home, I was sore all over. And I found out that while shooting I could think clearly, but I couldn’t think quickly. And concentrating for the few seconds it takes to lay in a good shot was really hard. So, my score was one that I would have thought was pretty good a few months ago, but not as good as my last month of scores which have been way over my average.


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