May 16, 2009 Fall Creek

The announcement

If it’s going to be close to 100 degrees on Sunday, we might change to Fall Creek. Be ready for last minute changes. If we go to Fall Creek, we still leave at 8 as it’s still going to be hot. And Fall Creek, about half way up the mountain, gets warm. Just not scorching like Henry Coe.

This is a hard hike, 10 to 12 miles, all under cover with glorious views along the creek, which is the last half of the hike. There are few parking places, so try to carpool.

No sneakers–hiking shoes required. Poles are suggested.

The hike
Fifteen people for a non night hike—a new record. We even had one hiker who crawled from the parking lot on a broken leg, with a sprained shoulder, wheeling a flat tire on a bent rim. Well, I’d elaborate, but Judy never believes my stories anyway. Still, I’m impressed with Leo’s determination to see the super secret goldfish pond. I only wish he could have participated in the full round of annual FOMFOK games before that as well instead of just entering in the live goldfish eating contest.
Pictures are HERE

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