August 3, 2008 Sunol Regional Wilderness

Wimble Scale: Difficult, Length: 6.1 miles, Climb: 1685 feet, Time: 3 hours

The announcement
This week, with the dip in temperatures, we’re going back across the bay to Sunol. I’ve been hankering to get up to a tall peak again and breath smoke free, haze free air. We leave here at 9 and start the hike around 9:45. Plan on 3 to 4 hours of moderate hiking, more than half exposed. We’ll start at the visitors center on Geary Road and head up to either Flag Hill or up to Cave Rocks and see where our noses take us from there. We might even bring a couple of kits. Plan on lunch on the trail. Of course, there’s always the possibility of a visit to a local eatery afterwards. We just can’t get enough of our friends.

The hike
It’s amazing what I can talk people into. It’s August and we all know what the weather is like in the east bay at this time of year. Yet I’ve had a yen to get to the top of a high mountain for a couple of months now, and with a dip in temperatures, I convinced not only Kathy, but 8 besides to climb Sunol. Not only did they go to Sunol, they agreed to hike up one of the steeper trails—Flag Hill. Then, crazed as they were by heat, exhaustion, dehydration and lack of food, the fools, er, I mean the other hikers went to crawl yet another hill, up to Vista Grande.

At the bench at Vista Grande, we finally rested, lying in the shade to have lunch. Actually, the group had split into two, some of the group taking a lower trail. We kept in touch with each other by means of turkey calls across the ravine. We all met back again at Cave Rocks. While the climb was hard at times, it’s always the descent that hardest on the muscles.

It was great to meet not only the elusive Tom, our celebrity hiker, but two new FOMFOK members: Beth and Gray.

Ron, our Vice President of Cartography, has provided links to his photos and GPS log at

Tom’s blog is at

Beth’s blog, which requires that you sign up for a free account, is at

Gray posted a few pictures on the group web site, and also at

Gee, more than half of that group are bloggers.

 Mg 6852
 Mg 6863
 Mg 6871

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