April 26, 2008 Lake Chabot

The announcement
This weekend we’re heading north to Oakland to join up with Molly and Gary (a.k.a, the Snuggles). Molly used to hike regularly with us before she married Gary and he snuck her off in the night to a place where they could better view the northern lights. Mind, he got us into a muddled thinking state by forcing us to drink high end wines at the top of a tall mountain so we couldn’t very well put up a protest at the time.

If you’ve never met Molly or Gary, you should come and have a treat. They’re the Sara Lees of hikers—nobody doesn’t like them. We leave here at 9 and begin the hike a bit after 10 at Lake Chabot, which is at 9999 Redwood Road in Castro Valley. This is about 42 road miles from Casa Wimble. Here’s a snippet of web text that describes where I think we’ll meet up, pending better advice:

After about two miles on Redwood, you will first come to Willow Park Golf Course, then Lake Chabot’s Proctor Staging Area, both on the left. Another few miles will bring you to Marciel Gate at Marciel Road. This is a hiking and equestrian staging area, and Marciel Road leads to a group camping area, a marksmanship range, and the Chabot Family Campground

Bring your cell phone if you’re not in our car so we can try to find each other if our plans go wonky. Yah, like that ever happens.

We’ve never been to this place, but there looks like a lot of hiking choices. I would guess that this will be mostly exposed and on the easy end. I’m guessing we’ll hike around 3 hours or a bit less, and then do the “I dunno, where do you want to eat” and go out for our second favorite group activity. Let’s plan on this being the pre-birthday bash for Kathy, too.

The hike
You can’t go wrong hiking with Molly and Gary. We had:
* Perfect weather.
* Enough climb to count as exercise.
* Fun finding each other to start.
* Close encounters to people with guns.
* Excavation of more bones for the deercowpigosaurus we’re constructing.
* A lengthy conversation with George the Turkey on the relationship between his species and cranberries.
* A good lunch.
* Gossip.
* The exchanging of kisses, hugs and gifts.

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 Mg 6248
 Mg 6276

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