April 13, 2008 Russian Ridge

The announcement
It has been suggested, by the steering committee, that we change this weekend’s hike, which I’m well inclined to do. Let’s do Russian Ridge. This is a high-end easy to moderate hike, more the 2/3 exposed, and the location of one of the best wildflower displays in quite a radius. This is located at the intersection of Page Mill and Skyline. If you come up Page Mill, cross over Skyline and turn in immediately to your right, into the Russian Ridge parking lot. This is about a 2.5 to 3.5 mile hike, deciding on which loops we take. Dress for the sun and possible ticks (not that I’ve heard of ticks yet, but you never know). We’ll have lunch at a hidden platform, and maybe take Dave out for further food after the hike.

The hike
Last week’s hike was one of our bigger—11 of us traipsing through tulilps ‘n towering tunnels ‘o oaks. The flowers at Russian Ridge still aren’t at their peak, but they’re pretty good. Oh, wait, did I say 11? Make that 12. Out of nowhere, Tom ‘I do two blogs besides the day job’ Mangan met us on the trail. It’s always good to meet up with Tom and find out what the serious hikers are up to these days. And have you seen some of the photography he’s done lately? Check out:


 Mg 6060
 Mg 6066
 Mg 6087
 Mg 6102
 Mg 6115

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