January 22, 2006 Hidden Villa

January 22, 2006 Hidden Villa
The announcement

We’ll be hiking Hidden Villa. The water in the creeks should be great. The scenery should definitely be very photogenic.

This hike will go up the Hostel Trail and come down along the Adobe Creek. It’s another moderate hike, either lower end or middle end, depending on how far we go. It’s usually less than 3 miles long. The trail is almost completely covered, with a few gaps for scenic views, and one downhill section that is exposed for a quarter mile or so.

The trails are narrow and might have poison oak encroaching. This is the time of year where the trails aren’t well maintained yet and poison oak doesn’t always have leaves on the branches. All parts, even bare branches of poison oak can cause an allergic reaction. So, dress not only for possible warm sections, possible cold sections and possible wet sections, but also to cover yourself from any newly emergent poison oak.

The hike

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