December 21, 2008 San Francisco

The announcement

Finally, you’ve asked for it and you’ve been waiting for it. This week’s hike is the long-delayed holiday lights hike in the City.

We leave here at 9:00, drive to Colma, catch mass transit to the Powell Street exit of Bart around 10:30, make a short visit to some of the best toilet facilities in town at Nordstroms, then claw our way through the throngs of homeless, street performers, Blagoyavich impersonators and ASPCA shills to Union Square. From there, we’ll poke our heads in various hotels on the way to the top of the hill at Grace Cathedral.

Then it’s an hour-long game of “I dunno, where do you want to eat” as we work our way back down the hill, ending the tour at the Palace Hotel, hoping to find another big ginger bread contest going on. We’ll also be celebrating the visit of the stranger from the mystic east—Marty, Donna’s birthday, and the 33rd wedding celebration of Kathy and myself.

Plan on the hike lasting until 2 or 3 P.M. We’ll stop briefly in various stores for short periods of time, unless (of course) I find some big old guy-store, in which case we’ll spend a lot more time at the store. We’ll make cow eyes at the cats in Macy’s windows. If you need to leave early, feel free. Make sure I have your cell phone number if you’re planning on rendezvousing with us.

The hike

My pictures can be found here

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