September 30, 2007 Sanborn County Park

The announcement
I hope everyone enjoyed the Kauai hike last week. This week, it’s time to start a run towards the challenge hike. Too many of us have been sitting on our duff too long, so we’ll start moderately and work up quickly. I think that this weekend we’ll do a hike we haven’t done in a long time: Sanborn. Yes, it’s not exciting, but we have the option of doing the pond hike, or searching for oak and redwood seeds. Of course, there’s always the big hot tub near the beginning.

This is a moderate hike. Not hard, not easy. Right in the middle. It’s pretty much all covered. Plan on about 3 hours of hiking, with a possible lunch gathering afterwards. I hope to at least hear the latest tales from One-eyed Peg and Delicious Donna. I hope a few more will be finally touching base as well.

The hike
It was supposed to be a moderate hike. I swear I remember it being a moderate hike. Well, my thanks to the hardy five who scaled the mighty Cliffs of Sanborn and rappelled down to be serenaded by the ghost of Stan Rogers at the visitor center. Those who missed out on the lunch afterwards also missed some mighty fine corn chowder.

 Mg 4996

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