July 6, 2008 Rancho San Antonio

The announcement
This Sunday we’re going to do a moderate hike much nearer to home. We wanted to do Hidden Villa, but this is not one of the weekends that it’s open to the public. Plan B, then, is to do Rancho San Antonio. This is a very popular park, so we’re going to leave here at 8 and see if we can find a parking place. Car pooling is highly recommended.

If we can’t find a place to park, Plan C is either the Bear Meadow/ Picchetti Winery loop, or the Fremont Older loop. We’ll decide depending on who shows up and how energetic we feel.

The hike
Last week’s hike at Rancho saw Paul back with us again. He enthralled us with tales of repairing jet aircraft and tempted us with the possibility of a special field trip some time. Joanne was also with us. It’s been a while since we travelled the very popular trails of Ranch San Antonio.

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