December 6 2008 Sunnyvale

The announcement

This Saturday you should come over to our house at 5:30 pm. We’ll walk towards Caltrain, taking the long, scenic route and probably stop for a meal along the way.

We’ll arrive at Caltrain for the 7:50 Holiday Train ( and then walk back to our house. We’ll visit the mammoth holiday displays near our house, and scritch the neighborhood cats. This will be about 6 miles of hiking, all flat. Make sure you rub your hands in tuna juice before you come.

The hike

Well, that was the first time I’ve ever seen the Holiday Train. I wish I was in a position I could have heard the music better, but it was fun, anyway. And Santa winked at me personally, so I know I’m going to have a good Christmas. Actually, I’ve already got my gift, as you all saw—a monster TV. Thanks to Paul (the encyclopedia) for his valiant attempts to administer CPR to a dead-on-arrival TV, but, there was no saving it. The next day, however, I exchanged the TV and we’ve been in TV heaven since.

Dinner at Denny’s was a mixed bag. We showed up with 13 people to a nearly empty restaurant with one server. He made a valiant effort, but it’s hard to service 13 people who all want their food right now. Still, I thought the food was pretty good, and the company was spectacular.

I would have liked to show you more Christmas lights, but we were concerned that the big display would stop for the evening in a few minutes, so we did a shorter walk to be sure to get there in time. Oh, and we found the FM radio the next day, so Kathy and I have been enjoying the show since.

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