June 3, 2007 Big Basin Redwoods

The announcement

As long as Mike and Alice are sitting out this weekend’s hike, maybe this is the one to do Berry Creek Falls. Not Mike’s favorite, and not one Alice would want to do. Kathy, would you like to do BCF, and so want us to wait on that? No problem waiting if you do! Donna is up for BCF this weekend too.

The hike

We did a Sunday stroll at Big Basin on 6/3 to Berry Creek Falls (~11 miles, 7+ hours). And I took pictures, some of which (30 of 90) are posted at: http://picasaweb.google.com/thwarte/Berry_Creek

Mostly newts, slugs and a butterfly… and oh yeah, waterfalls, and us: Ron, Zona, Peggy, Donna – but no Tom, who had last-minute preemptive priorities. But Tom’s been there before, to judge from his web site below.

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