January 11, 2009 Hidden Villa

The announcement

We’ve done first hike, we’ve done our first waterfall hike, now it’s time for the first fun, falls, and frolic hike of the year. Yes, it’s back to Hidden Villa to see if there’s any water in the Adobe Creek. It’s likely to be a whole lot warmer this week than last. No need to bring the electric outhouse seat warmer this time. No need to worry about the thickness of the ice when crossing streams. And we’re unlikely to be outpaced in our hiking by a group of ladies several decades older than us.

We leave here an 9 and we’ll do at least one, if not two loops, if we’re really crazy. The trail is all covered except for a few scenic overlooks. Plan on at least two but perhaps as long as 4 hours for the hike. This is likely to be a moderate hike, or hard if we do the double loop. Be prepared to go “awwww” at all the cute animals at the farm.

The hike

We had a full litter of hikers last week and did our first double loop of Hidden Villa. We even managed to convince Priscilla that it was just an easy hike, well, at least it was too late to turn back. If you missed the lunch at iHop afterwards (and the awful jokes about it), you’ll have to just join us for the next lunch.

My pictures are here

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