March 29, 2008 Grant Ranch

The announcement
Join us this Saturday for our first Grant Ranch hike to check out the progress of the wildflowers in a park noted for having the best display in a large radius. Well, a few years ago it was just unbelievably stunning. Ever since that year, I keep building people’s expectations up only to find that the wildflowers, while really great, aren’t as lush as they were back then. Still, we keep on coming back, enjoying what there is, and yearning for that one really great year again.

This will be a moderate hike, beginning at Grant Lake and doing the clockwise loop up to the ridgeline and back. Plan on 2.5 to 3 hours of mostly exposed hiking. This is the same trail we took where we had the close encounter with the mountain lion. We’ll have a snack at the top, and might go out for lunch afterwards.

The hike
It looks like we arrived a bit early for the Best of Grant. We’ll come back in 3 weeks or more and try again. Sure, there were a lot a pretty wildflowers, but I’m looking for lots more flowers than that. That’s what I keep paying those parking fees for—I expect the rangers to get out there and plant flowers for me.

Keeping up our average on bone finding, we did find another bone, thanks to Kathleen’s eagle eyes. But it wasn’t compatible with the deercowpigosaurus we’re building in the atrium. We’ll keep collecting bones, though; especially we’re looking for legs, hooves and tails. We already have the 3 heads of the typical deercowpigosaurus on one of the two sets of antlers.

 Mg 5912
 Mg 5923
 Mg 5925

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