October 25, 2008 Hollister

The announcement
We’re leaving here at 4PM for Hollister. Yep, about 70 miles away. And what great trail, I’m sure you’re asking, are we going on down there? Well, we’re going to walk 7 circuits in a 30-acre labyrinth, solving the mystery, scaring demons, getting scared by demons, finding 27 hidden spots.

And all of this for $10. Unless we want to fling a pumpkin or shoot corn from a cannon or jump on the giant pillow.

We plan on getting there roughly at 5:30 or a bit later, having a meal, and then seeing if we can get supper scared right out of us. Plan on being in the maze until at least 8:30, I’m guessing, getting back sometime after 10. I’ve never been there, so I’m not sure. We’ll be singing all the famous Halloween songs along the way. Our singing should go a long way to scaring the spirits off. We’ll sing such classics as:

Over the river and through the blood, to grandmother’s house we’ll go
I’m dreaming of a white hangman
Let’s go for a broom ride
It’s the most horrible time of the year
Have a holly jolly casket
Fleas never die
Let’s go for a hearse ride

and more

So, who us for an adventure? Bring extra underwear.

The hike
The corn maze was a hoot. We walked about 4 miles in one and a half miles. Kristen chucked pumpkins at Bush. Kathy actually scared the crap back INTO people. What Grey did to a lone patch of corn in the dark recesses of the maze is too awful to talk about. This is definitely on our schedule again next year.

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